Finding Time by Growing Your Courage Incrementally: Today's Timely Tip!

Finding time involves patience as well as decisiveness. Some of the most valuable things in life take a lot of time to grow, and courage is one of them.  It grows incrementally and is built of many choices and experiences.

Courage grows like a tree.  It grows as you grow, slowly and steadily.  And like a tree you nurture through the years, there are things that you can do to help your courage grow.

For example, the farther you send down roots of self-loyalty, the more you can branch out in new directions.  Your life can be a progression of loving life lessons – and what deep and sturdy roots that incremental process creates!

Self-loyalty requires taking the time to learn lessons from your choices. Especially from the outcomes that weren’t what you intended!

When you do that, you enjoy two benefits:

  • You have updated your world map to include the new information learned from your lesson, and
  • You have the assurance that you won’t turn your back on yourself when things don’t turn out to your liking.

Here’s another way to support sustained, steady growth. Are you still on speaking terms with your New Year’s Resolutions? If some of the bigger resolutions seem a bit daunting, consider creating 2 (or more) smaller resolutions that support each other from the overly ambitious single goal.

Let’s say your resolution is to move forward in your line of work, and you generally avoid drawing attention to yourself. Is there some class or group you can work with to become more comfortable with risking?

Commit to giving yourself all the support you need to achieve your resolution.

Strong trees grow slowly. So can you.

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