Finding Time by Letting Go and Letting Change Happen

Here in NH we’ve had a beautiful string of sunny, warm days. Spring is on the way, and we are definitely ready for it! I doubt that anyone (with the possible exception of skiers) is going to have trouble letting go of winter.

That is not always the case with transitions, though, is it?  The letting go doesn’t always come so easily.

trapezeIf you think of our lives, we are in a state of constant flux and transition. We transition through developmental stages throughout our lives. We transition through grades in school and through jobs, living situations, and relationships. Each day we transition from sleeping to waking and back again. We transition through changing activities, changing energy levels, and changing moods. Indeed, the absence of change, if it exists at all, is the exception, not the rule!

And each transition involves picking one thing up, and (ideally) putting another thing down. One way we can run into problems is if we pick too many new things up, without putting down something in the process. As you can imagine, we end up dragging around an awful lot of “stuff.” Holding on can definitely hamper our movement and drain our energy as we move through transitions.

As I was thinking about letting go, I remembered a series of posts on the blog Carla’s Artistry of Change by Carla Rieger.  In these brief posts she explores the simplicity and power of letting go.  She says:

The mind will hold onto negativity unless instructed to do otherwise. It’s like catching your dog chewing on a slipper. You get her attention and tell her to “drop it”. She will look at you sheepishly while still holding the slipper. Then you say, “Drop it now” and she does it, right?

As a tool for transition management, letting go is a key element in your toolbox.  And it may be simpler to do than you think!

What do you find helpful when letting go? Are there things you are holding onto now that get in your way? Leave a comment – I’d love to hear about your experiences and ideas!

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Let’s explore time together …


  1. Hi Paula,

    When I need to let go of an old behavior, investment or attitude, I actively envision what I intend to replace it with. It may be a new activity, or may simply be restorative, open space in my living environment or my schedule.

    By placing myself “IN” my new scenario and intuitively feeling the benefits, I automatically loosen my grip upon the old attachment.

    Thanks for your wise words and encouragement – always appreciated!

  2. Hi Alison –
    What a great way to help yourself along the road to letting go and making change(s) stick! Thank you for sharing this with us, and for your kind words. To your time success!

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