Find Time Today — Refuse to Feed Your Time Gremlins

A Time GremlinFinding time becomes easier, and more enjoyable, too, when you refuse to feed your Time Gremlins.  Remember, these gremlins aren’t the cute, mischievous creatures of the movies.  They really do steal your time and block your success at every turn.  So, simply put, they are destructive and dangerous!

Last week, we posted a quiz to help you identify the Time Gremlin you might want to zero in on first.

You see, the reality is that Time Gremlins can’t survive without plenty of fodder.  They are voracious, and a steady diet of illusions is their favorite meal. Furthermore, they thrive wherever you resist fundamental responsibilities.

Now, why not explore how your particular Time Gremlin has secured a foothold in your life? You’re bound to broaden your understanding of yourself and where you get stuck.  And best of all, you’ll start seeing how to get unstuck!

Action Step:

Identify the role your Time Gremlin plays in your life. Time Gremlins are often legacies from bargains you’ve struck with yourself over time. So, reviewing the package deal may reveal that you’re more than ready to revise the terms!


Select one Time Gremlin and ask yourself 3 simple questions about it:

    • What is the history of this Gremlin in my life? Where did it originate, and what were the circumstances? Understanding its history engages your powers of analysis and keeps you from over-identifying with the behaviors that are the outgrowth of your Time Gremlin.
    • How did it originally help me? No judgment is needed, only perspective. It’s extremely useful to see how you make choices that you perceive as being in your self-interest. So it’s merely a matter of updating your criteria.
    • What does it keep me from? (This may be positive or negative.)  Briefly describe what you discover. Here, you set the past aside. And you focus only on how your choice to feed your Time Gremlin affects you every day in the present.

Refuse to feed your time gremlins: Here’s why it helps…

By shining a spotlight on this set of hidden patterns (they depend on secrecy) you are already depriving your Time Gremlin of some of its sustenance and power. And the more rationally you examine the gains and losses of your Time Gremlin choices, the more empowered you will feel to make fresh decisions that are more productive and personally rewarding.

Each time you open up to seeing and making conscious choices you are feeding one of your time gremlins less … and less … and less.  How wonderfully empowering for you!

So look around. You are standing at an important crossroads. Are you willing to weather the losses that come with important gains? By consciously committing to go the distance, you gain enormous strength to keep perceived setbacks in perspective and weigh them against what you are giving yourself.

And here’s something more to consider.

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