Finding Time by Using a Shopping Template

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It was very wet, here in New England. And the fall colors seemed all the brighter against the rainy backdrop.

ShoppingAs I write this morning I’m guessing that many of you, like me, took care of your weekly food shopping this weekend.

So, here’s a question. Did you get home, unpack your bags, and realize that you’d forgotten something? What a frustrating experience that can be!

When you got home, did you unpack your bags and realize tyou’d forgotten something? What a frustrating experience that can be!

That’s such a frustrating experience!

So, here’s a helpful tip…

Templates are powerful time savers. And shopping is a perfect example of a chore that you’ll transform for yourself when you use a template.

Think about it. About 80% of your shopping list is probably made up of items that you always want to have on hand. So, why not set yourself up with a template for those items?

Imagine the time you’ll save…

Use your template to review what you have and check off what you need. And then take it with you to the store. You’ll be sure not to miss anything!

Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • First, your template works best if you set it up to match the layout of the store where you usually shop. If you come to the produce section first when you enter the store, put fruits and vegetables first on your template.
  • And don’t forget to leave plenty of space for extra items that you need infrequently, or for a special recipe.

Make a shopping template this week.

You’ll appreciate the new found efficiency of your shopping experience. And I think you’ll also really love having the time that you’ll find.

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  1. Paula, templates are great to keep me organized and on tract.
    As I read your tips, e-zine and blog, I become more and more aware of time that slips away from me each day.

    Thank you for quality content that is both meaningful and helpful.

    Ellene Breedlove Davis

  2. Hi Elle –

    Yes, templates are excellent organizational tools. I am pleased that you find them helpful.

    The awareness of the passage of time really does emphasize awareness of and gratitude for the moment.

    You’re so welcome!


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