Finding Time for 5 of November's Top Time Finder Favorites!

Time Finder Favorites!Happy December! And welcome to one of my favorite posts of each month – our Top Posts reprise!

November was a banner month at Finding Time, LLC.  We had more visitors than ever at The Time Finder, had many of you claim the (free) MP3 of my time boundaries teleclass with Melissa McCreery, and finished up the highly successful launch of our newest time finding product – The Finding Time Relationship Template: 26 Simple, Sequential Steps to Create Successful Boundaries with Your Partner, Your Co-workers, Your Kids … You Name It!

So, which were the posts that caught your eye as fall headed toward winter and the Holiday season got underway?

I was very interested to see that the top post was not about the holidays but about a subject dear to my heart – de-cluttering!  Many of you found time for calm with our 3 de-cluttering tips … and I suspect that this is a post that will continue to be very relevant, as December unfolds!

Next on our list?  A post for the bloggers amongst us – Find Time to Maintain Your Blog on Cyber Monday – 5 Tips to Get You Started.  As we noted in the post, “A blog has a lot of ‘moving parts’, and if they aren’t all working well, they can spell difficulties for you and your readers.”  If you haven’t read them, these tips could be key for you!

Find Time to Overcome Overload and Exhaustion focused on the role of boundaries in helping us all to maintain our energy … AND the importance of our tone in setting successful boundaries!

Another post for bloggers was fourth on the list – Find Time for Finding Fresh Blog Content – 5 Tips on Cyber Monday.  These tips can help you find timely content when you’re stuck for ideas!

Last, but definitely not least, was our post titled Find Time for Boundaries and Self Care During the Holidays.  I’ll leave you with one thought from that post (you might want to tape it to your refrigerator):

My advice to you? First and foremost, change your view of self care. It is not an indulgence, it is a responsibility. Making self care your responsibility means that your next job is to find time for yourself.

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