Finding Time for a Walk Around the Lake

lakeFinding time to reflect is something that we’ve written about in The Time Finder from time to time.  We’ve looked at it in the context of self-care and of time choices, as well as time boundaries (making time for reflection points).

Certainly these pauses are very grounding and energizing.  They are a way of re-connecting with the moment, and with the energy that flows from that fundamental linkage.  I’d like to explore a further aspect of reflection points, summed up in the following quotation:

Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake. Wallace Stevens

This passage is from Wallace Steven’s Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction, in which he explores imagination and the creative process (to oversimplify just a bit).

What leaps out at me here is his use of the word truth. There is something different here.

Pausing, in the course of a morning, an afternoon, a day, and making space to reflect, can be more than a matter of finding or refreshing your energy.  It can be more than a matter of stepping away from our desks in order to reflect and hopefully find a creative solution to a problem.

It may be about those things, but it can also be about depth and another kind of exploration entirely.  It can be about truth.  Not truth with a capital T – but the evolving element of depth that each of us can access in our lives.

It may be surprising, uncomfortable, disconcerting, or comforting.  Opening to it is a risk … and an adventure.  And what I also note here is that the truth depends on this walk.  If we don’t make the space for it in our lives, we are missing something basic, rare and precious.

Have you taken a walk around the lake? I’d love to hear!

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Let’s explore time together …


  1. Thanks for this thoughtful entry – it reminds me of what you wrote about strong time.

    The moment is big enough to hold everything. Remembering that helps me relax and draw a deep breath sometimes…

  2. Hi Alison – and thanks for your comment! Those deep breaths certainly work wonders, don’t they? I hope that, as you practice relaxing and remembering, your “sometimes” moves more and more toward “often.”

    To your time success!


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