Finding Time for February’s 5 Top Time Finder Posts!

award-winnersThis morning seemed a fine time (as the sun rises over snow-covered New Hampshire hills) to take a moment and review the 5 top Time Finder posts for February.

Topping the list (by quite a lot, actually) was our post titled Find Time When Your Time Saving Tools Act Up.  Written in January (but clearly of ongoing relevance) it explores tips for addressing technology glitches, as well as some great sites for finding technical help on the web.

Next came a perennial favorite for readers of The Time Finder:  Find Your Values Baseline – Where the Rubber Meets the Road!  This brief post includes a short, practical exercise for identifying and prioritizing your external values – your values baseline!

Third on our list was a time management post about working with transitions and change.  Titled Finding Time by Embracing Change, it describes time as “the medium of change” and goes on to say:

The difference between resisting change and planning for change is the difference between bracing yourself in front of a breaking wave and riding a wave. As you fully embrace change, you will be like the surfer, eagerly scanning the ocean for the next wave to ride.

Find Time by Finding Reflection Points ranked 4th among Time Finder favorites this month.  Encouraging readers to pause and build reflection points into their days, weeks, and months – it offers a call to

Finally, a timely post about e-mail management rounds out our list.  Find Time by Managing Your In-Box-5 Tips on Cyber Monday! offered some very practical tips to help avoid e-mail overwhelm!

Did you have a Time Finder post that isn’t on the list?  Or do you have ideas for things that you’d like to see us write about?  Click below to add a Comment about it – I’d love to hear!

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  1. I read and enjoy your “Time Finder” blog every day.

    Yesterday I routed lots of my email into folders using Rules, as you suggested. I love it. My scanning bargains and headlines is now elective, not impulsive.

    My goal is to treat my Inbox as a To Do list, once I weed it out still further.

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi Alison – I am so glad to hear that the in-box tips were helpful and that you’re using Rules. Elective is always so much more satisfying than impulsive, isn’t it? Here’s to your attaining your goal! Please do keep us posted!

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