Finding Time for Genuine, Heart-Based Holidays

Finding time to stay with yourself and celebrate truly heart-based holidays becomes much easier when you access your courage and let it infuse you … AND your time choices.

Courage is you, living self-referenced yet emotionally connected. You fully respect the vivid range of feelings and associations that we all hold about these, or any, holidays.  At the same time, you allow your own priorities and perceptions to direct your time choices.

When I talk about heart-based holidays I picture you reaching out in authentic and caring ways from your heart. Your genuineness and honesty speak powerfully and carry a warmth and meaning that eclipses symbolic gestures that might arise from feelings of obligation.  Those gestures carry you away from yourself and ultimately deplete you.

Here’s a helpful myth to retire:  You know how legions of ads proclaim that you make or break your loved ones’ holidays by your choice of gifts? Not so! No matter how exhaustively you search for that perfect present, you cannot commandeer or control someone else’s holiday experience.

Accepting this in advance can reduce your stress considerably … not to mention keeping you out of some very long shopping lines! And you may spend less time poring over catalogues that entreat you to bust your budget, too.

You can use the time you save appreciating the people in your life directly, right now! So take a nice, deep breath and enjoy simplifying your season.

So are you ready to move courageously toward more self-reference for your Heart-Based Holidays? 

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