Finding Time for January's Time Finder Favorites!

Finding time to review the Time Finder posts that caught your eye during the previous month is always an interesting window on readers’ time choices, priorities, and challenges. January’s favorites seem to reflect the excitement and resolve of starting a New Year, along with some of the concerns and realities of our current economic situation. Here are the details!

At number one we have a perennial favorite: Finding Time by Being Flexible-3 Timely Tips! Do you sometimes feel challenged when you need to shift gears? You might want to check out these 3 tips and try approaching flexibility in a new way in 2010!

The second most popular post was one titled Find Focus by Culling Your Basket of Time in 2010.  It built on this sage advice from Sidney Howard: “One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it.”

Have you managed to cut back?  Is your basket of time still overflowing?  Maybe you’ll want to take another look at this post!

Find Time to Find Your Financial Baseline and Take Charge is another perennial favorite and a reflection of our precarious financial times.  “As with so many other things, taking the time to pause, pay attention, look around, and find your baseline is the necessary first step.  Also imperative is that this be done, not with self critical eyes, but with fully open, compassionate eyes.” This is great advice, no matter what you’re looking at – and especially helpful with something as important and as laden as money!

Fourth on our list of January favorites was a post that’s timely as we launch into 2010:  Find Time to Strive for Excellence … Not Perfection! Is this a challenge for you?  (It can be for me!)  I particularly love this quote from Harriet Braiker:  “Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing.”

Rounding out our list of favorites was a post for busy times:  Finding Time When You Are on Overload-3 Tips.  You’ll want to review these tips for getting back on track when your stress level gets high and overwhelm begins to take hold!

What was your favorite Time Finder post this past month? Is it on the list? Something different? Let me know … I love hearing from you!

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