Finding Time for November's Time Finder Favorites

Finding time to reflect, as we start a new month, can be so important and grounding.

I always like to pause at the “entryway” and ask myself a few questions.  The answers needn’t be long or detailed … just breathe in and out, relax, reflect, and see what comes to mind as you briefly explore these questions with yourself.

  • What do you know today that you didn’t know at the start of last month?
  • What did you especially enjoy and feel grateful about in November?
  • How are the coming weeks looking to you as you stand, poised, at the start of December?

And, of course, the start of a new month is always an opportunity to look back and see what readers of The Time Finder were most drawn to in the previous 4 weeks.

Topping the list last month was a post encouraging you to find time for YOU during the busy Holiday season.  Find Time to Give Yourself Something Truly Precious as the Holiday Season Begins encourages planning as a key component in self care and cautions:

Plan to Pause: If your plan doesn’t include time for YOU, you’re going to burn yourself out quickly, not be able to complete your tasks, and put yourself in the position where stress and overwhelm will make it difficult to enjoy the holidays.

Next on the list were two posts about getting yourself unstuck when you are mired in a Time Trap.  Take a look back at Find Time by Unlocking Your Symbolic Time Traps and Finding Time to Step Out of Your Time Traps? Compassion is Key! … and learn how to unlock your prodigious potential.

Find Time for Holiday Planning – It’s Never Too Early offered timely tips as the Holiday Season got underway last month.  Thanksgiving may have passed, but it’s not too late to take a look at these, and other timely holiday tips, as the winter holidays approach.

And finally, in our Cyber Monday series, you were drawn to our post titled Find Time to Extend Your On-Line Reach with Posterous.  Have you tried it?  Are you posting there?  Drop me a line and let me know – I’d love to connect.  (And just click here to see this post on Posterous!)

Finally, we were very pleased to learn (albeit belatedly) that The Time Finder was honored to be listed among the Top 50 Productivity Blogs to Watch in 2010 on Evan Carmichael’s wonderful and informative blog, The Entrepreneur Blog!  You’ll find us at #21 … very exciting!

Want to learn more about finding time to make more proactive time choices – not just during the holidays but throughout your year?

You can still sign up and access all of the excellent information that we covered in our Teleclass last week. Melissa McCreery and I discussed “Holiday Thriving: How to Take Charge of Stress, Overwhelm, and Overeating During the Holiday Season. For some practical tips for staying on track with your healthy lifestyle while decreasing your stress, sign up and we’ll send you the FREE MP3!

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Let’s explore time together …

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