Finding Time for October's Time Finder Favorites!

Time Finder Favorites!Happy November, everyone!  As I embark on a new month, I always spend some time reflecting on the month that came before.  Please join me as I share the 5 posts that readers of The Time Finder were most drawn to in October.

Topping our list for October was a post about being flexible titled Finding Time by Being Flexible-3 Timely Tips! It looks at the importance of flexibility when dealing with unexpected glitches (like oversleeping).  Finding time to be flexible in your response to change helps put you back in charge of your time choices!

Next on our list of favorites was a post about the impact of sleep!  Find Time for Sleep – It’s SO Important! looks at some interesting information about the ways that even seemingly small increments of sleep can significantly affect performance … namely:

… A students average 15 more minutes sleep than B students, who average 15 more minutes sleep than C students, and so on. Every 15 minutes can count.

That was eye opening for me!  And speaking of eye-opening, the next-favorite post speaks to changes in perspective – a subject I find fascinating.  Finding Time to Change a Pattern and Find “New Eyes” looks at the powerful fact that “When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”

Next on our list come two posts that focus on boundaries – a very timely topic at The Time Finder, as we are on the verge of launching a VERY SPECIAL OFFER to members of the Finding Time Community.  It will help you incorporate the power of time and relationship boundaries into your daily life.  You’ll want to know about this … so stay tuned for more information this week!

Finding Time by Setting Time Boundaries in Our Ever-Evolving Cyber World is a Cyber Monday post that looks at how vital time boundaries are, as we move toward a world in which we are “plugged in” 24/7.

Last, but definitely not least, Finding Time with Assertive Time Boundaries takes up a theme that is very dear to my heart, as it explores the vital difference between assertive and aggressive boundary-setting.

Did you have particular favorite posts in October?  Was there one that was especially helpful or challenging?  Something that you’d like to read more about here?  Drop me a line … I’d love to hear from you!

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