Finding Time for What Matters Most

Brook DownstreamFinding time to clarify what you value, and then put those values into practice in your everyday life is an ongoing challenge.  Yesterday we looked at the impact that our time choices about the internet can have on other things we value – like family time. 

Making these time choices consciously, rather than by default, is an important step toward finding time for what matters most.

But what does matter most?  This morning, let’s step back and take a look at how clarifying what we value can help us clarify our time choices.  In a recent article titled Finding Time by Championing Your Values – 3 Essential Steps to Reclaim Your Time at I explored a 3-pronged approach to help you get your values and your time choices into better alignment.

  • First, take some time to sit with yourself and identify what you most value.  One great avenue for doing this is to visualize your ideal day.  Be as specific as you can – the more detail you include, the easier it is to follow your “map.” I suggest that you revisit this exercise fairly often – and at least seasonally.  Your ideal day will evolve as you do – and it’s important to keep it fresh and in sync with where you actually are!
  • Next, look at your actual day.  Be factual and dis-invite your inner critic (who may be very eager to help with this part of the exercise)!  What do you typically do?  Where do you get bogged down?  What goes smoothly?  Be as specific as possible – each small moment is important.  Pay particular attention to your feelings as you do this.
  • Your third task is to put your two days side by side, and identify places where you can bring elements of your ideal day into your real day.  It’s important to be concrete and realistic here, so that you do not set yourself up for failure.  Recognize that change can be a challenge, and some changes may take more than one step.  Start small and build toward success!

Finding time to live your values is one of the most rewarding time management tasks you can undertake.  As you make your time choices more consciously, you’ll find the time for what matters most – guaranteed.  Give it a try … and let me know how it goes for you!

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