Finding Time for You … to Chew!

ChewingFinding time for self care is sometimes the last thing on our list of things to address in our busy lives.  In your time management plan, do you have a slot for doing  something healthy, relaxing, and rejuvenating for yourself every day?  (Many of you are probably nodding your heads no.)  Carving out self-care time requires planning, assertiveness, and solid time boundaries.  Developing these skills takes practice and is a process.

There are some easy ways to build self care into your daily routine, however!  Yesterday I read a very helpful post by Wendy Battles on her Healthy Endeavors blog that reminded me of one very fundamental way … chewing.  Yes, chewing!

How much do you chew?

Wendy wrote (and also posted a brief and informative MP3) about the importance of chewing your food.  Better Health?  It’s All in the Chew takes a look at the very concrete health benefits of eating more slowly and chewing a lot.

What I particularly like about this idea is that it involves making a simple time choice about an activity that is already a big part of your daily routine.  You don’t have to go out of your way.  All you need to do is modify and extend something that you are already doing.

This is an activity that I introduced some years ago with a monthly group that I facilitate.  The participants reported that their experience of eating and of mealtime was significantly enhanced.  Some were also quite challenged by the change – but to a person they persisted and found it to be very worthwhile.

It’s a gift to you…

The health benefits, as Wendy describes, are many.  So, too, is the enhanced enjoyment of your food.  Finally, this practice also provides you some wonderful breathing space in your busy day.  Giving yourself this gift in your present moment enhances each moment that follows in ways that you can’t begin to imagine!

How much do you chew your food now?  Could you try reaching for the goal of 30-50 chews that Wendy suggests?  Try it this weekend and let me know how it goes … I’d love to hear!

And this helps, too…

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