Finding Time for Your Priorities When Sudden Change Hits!

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Whose Crisis is ItFinding time to set time priorities is an important time choice.  Setting your priorities wisely gives you the power to find time for what’s most important.

But what happens when an unexpected event sends your life into a spin? How can you prepare yourself for sudden change, so that you can steer your life back on track?

Most of us feel comfortable when we know what is most important for us to do and why we are doing it. But without warning, our plans, priorities and patterns, can be sent flying in all directions. This is what sudden change does. It shakes up everything. Suddenly these choices are no longer relevant or realistic.

For example, let’s look at a most frightening sudden change.  Serious illness strikes someone close to you, and you find yourself in the middle of a terrible whirlwind. Imagine how this affects your daily life and tasks.  Sudden change stirs up emotions that cloud your ability to think clearly and make wise time choices. All your priorities and established tasks now must take a back seat to the immediate, unanticipated, often unknown choices you must make about how to use your time.

Life’s unpredictability can blind-side us if we don’t expect the unexpected. To choose wisely we need to learn to plan for the possibility of sudden change.

As a first step, consider two sudden changes. Sudden illness could be one, and the loss of a job could be the second. In a general way, explore some adjustments you could make quickly if life demanded it. Use techniques like visualization, staying fully aware of your personal boundaries and recognizing basic tasks that need to get done every day.

This kind of contemplation helps to clearly re-establish your personal relationship with time. From that clarity, you can create effective options for managing your time choices when faced with sudden change.

After all, your relationship with time is not just about becoming more efficient by creating short-term lists and long-term planning. It is about knowing yourself, your priorities, and your core values.

Start strengthening your relationship with time today. Equip yourself with the basic resources you need to navigate sudden change with clarity and flexibility. Try setting aside some time to practice this skill. I’d love to hear how it goes!

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