Finding Time Gets Easier Using Time Energy™

Finding time to savor each moment always expands, deepens, and brightens your world.  And accessing the wisdom and optimism of Time Energy™ always helps you do that!

So as we explore a bit more about how to use your Time Energy™ today, you may take pleasure in knowing that it actually grows as you use it.  Abundance is an excellent (and accurate) word to keep in mind, when thinking about this.  You see, while Time itself is concrete and finite, Time Energy™ has no such limitations.  Read on, because this is great news!

Time Energy™ grows as you use it.

Time Energy™ is not only inexhaustible, like wisdom – it also grows by leaps and bounds every time you choose to empower yourself!  You see, Time Energy™ is an ever-expanding constellation of disciplines, insights and time skills that are in a constant state of evolution.  Whenever you stretch and grow in one area, you’ll probably also recognize multiple ways that your new skill can help in other situations:

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’ve been wanting to cut down on your on-line time and have noticed that Facebook is a major time drain.  You decide on a different course, and successfully replace your morning visit to Facebook with a quick enjoyable connection – with yourself, your animal companion or a friend.

This success leads you to think about other possibilities!

  • Your pleasure in breaking an old habit inspires you to replace your second Facebook visit with your favorite stretching sequence.
  • You realize you visit Facebook more often when you feel frustrated, stymied, or unfulfilled. So list 3 brief activities you’d either enjoy or have been procrastinating about.  Then make yourself a promise that you’ll follow-through on one of the items on your list the next time you feel the urge to visit Facebook.
  • You notice that another trigger to visit Facebook is when you are feeling critical of yourself. Decide that when this happens you’ll explicitly identify that message as a “Critical Voice Balloon” and deflate it with a powerful and realistic affirmation. This eliminates debilitating static and puts you back in control of your mind and your time!

Time Energy™ is synergy.

Your Time Energy™ is amplified as you coordinate your skills, experience, and wisdom. You can think of it like muscles that work in unison.  Your capacity and grace grow exponentially as you strengthen each muscle in relation to the others.

The more you put Time Energy™ to work in your life, the more you’ll discover the power and potential that you carry inside.  Finding time gets easier when you work with yourself to optimize your possibilities!

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