Finding Time — A Gift to Give Yourself, Right Here, Right Now


Finding time — a gift anytime!

Finding time, whenever you’re able to do it, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

And finding time isn’t something magical, it’s a skill that you develop with practice and patience. So, that means it’s within your reach, no matter what.

Maybe you’re dealing with a crisis. Or maybe you have a big project and your stress is through the roof. Perhaps an episode of procrastination has thrown you off track and into a bit of a funk.

No matter what your current time status is, know that your time is precious.  As we say here at The Time Finder, “The way you use your time is the way you live your life.”

Some Foundational Resources for Finding Time

So today I want to share two of our most popular resources. They are both complementary and both arrive conveniently in your inbox when you sign up to receive them.

The Finding Time E-Zine is an excellent source of ideas and insights about timely issues.  Published once a month, the E-zine explores a wide range of topics.  We’re currently doing a series on “Emotional Decluttering” and so, when you sign up today, you’ll be all set to receive our next issue in @ two weeks’ time.

Finding Time Tips bring you small helpings of time-tested, practical information in bite-sized portions, suited to your very busy day. Each Tip comes with an Action Step so that you can quickly transform theory into practice in your life.

Two sample tips for you today…

TIP:  Hold your plans loosely, to avoid needless frustration when unforeseen events arise.

ACTION STEP:  Build buffer time into your schedule, and identify in advance which activities you can drop when confronted with unexpected demands.

TIP:  In times of change, eat light and easy.

ACTION STEP:  Resist the urge to dive into a pizza. A low-carb meal boosts alertness and puts you on top of your game. Always keep water nearby to sip when stressed. Munch on a salad for starters. And try dipping your fork into the dressing between bites, instead of slathering it on!

You can sign up for our Finding Time Tips in the sidebar or on the Finding Time website.  When you do, you’ll be giving yourself the gift of these practical Tips, along with the Finding Time E-zine. 

And check out our other resources, too. There’s so much for you here…

Do you have any tips you’d like to share?  How do you manage, when change upends your plans? I’d love to hear from you.

Let’s explore time together …

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