Finding Time for June’s Time Finder Favorites

Finding time to reflect before moving ahead is always time well spent.  So let’s pause right now and take a quick look back at what Time Finder readers were perusing last month!

After the Linkedin hacking episode, security concerns were high on the list in June, with our Cyber Monday post titled Find Time to Upgrade Your Passwords and Stay Safe This Cyber Monday coming in at number one.

Your passwords are one element of your on-line protection that you can have total control over – so I advise you to make them as complicated as possible.

A tool that can be very helpful, both for generating and storing passwords is Last Pass. As mentioned in the CNN article, it comes well reviewed and is extremely secure (from everything we’ve read). Another plus is the fact that it is web-based, so you can access the passwords you need no matter where you are and what device you’re using to check in from.

It was another Cyber Monday post that came in second, namely:  Find Time This Cyber Monday with Pocket: Save it for Later and Stay on Track Now!  Did you take a look?  If not, you may want to now – or save it for later, in your Pocket!

From a time management point of view, the great thing about Pocket is that it gives you a quick and easy way to save the interesting things you discover so that you can let them go and stay on track with whatever you are currently doing. Your productivity is enhanced because you don’t lose focus. Just a simple click of the + Pocket button and your material is saved for future reference.

Transitions were a big topic this month, with Finding Time to Dance Through Transitions with Your Intuition and Priority Power™ and Finding Time to Dance with Change: Coordinate Your Intuition with Your Calendar being among the top-ranking posts on this timely topic.

Finding time in periods of change and transition requires reestablishing balance. This is a skill that you can develop and hone for yourself. As you bring more intentionality to the process of managing change, what might start as a stagger can evolve into a dance!

And last but not least, Time Finder readers found time to celebrate our 4th year of blogging with us.  Did you catch Finding Time to Celebrate Accomplishments – The Time Finder’s 4th Year!

Finding time to celebrate accomplishments is a very positive and powerful way to enhance your relationship with yourself and give your energy a nice boost.

We were happy to celebrate with you – and to have the opportunity to encourage you to celebrate YOUR accomplishments.  Let us know a positive step you’ve taken or a goal you’ve reached … we’d love to hear!

Ready to start finding more time for yourself as you step into July?  My best wishes to you for a healthy, happy, and productive month!

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