Finding Time Management Tools on Cyber Monday

To Do ListIf your business is on-line, or if you simply spend a great deal of time working on your computer, an on-line time management tool can make a lot of sense.

These time tools often enable you to track your time using web-based applications which are accessible from anywhere that you can fire up an internet connection.  On-line time tracking and on-line to do lists also can be set up to interface with a variety of on-line calendars, as well as e-mail systems, mobile phones, blackberries, palm pilots, etc.  They enable you to monitor tasks from anywhere and, as they are paperless, they also provide a green alternative to paper-based systems.

This Cyber Monday I wanted to share a compendium of time management tools that I recently read about on Twitter.  It’s a briefly annotated spreadsheet that was compiled and posted on the blog println in November of 2008.  (If you are puzzled by the name of the blog, here is a definition of println – a technical term whose definition left me still in the dark!)

The spreadsheet of Task, Time, and Project Management Software was compiled by the blog author, devit, and offers the name and URL of 78 software products.  It also indicates whether the products are web-based, and whether they are free.  It appears to be a very thorough list, and includes some tools that we have already discussed here (like Remember the Milk – which my VA swears by) along with lots of others.

Have you used any of the time tools listed?  How do you like them?  I’d love to hear!

PS  Due to the interest expressed in Twitter and Twitter tools, we are adding a category titled “Twitter Tools” to the links in our sidebar.  If you are using and liking a tool that you don’t see in our links, please let us know!

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