Finding Time by Using Priorities When You’re on a Deadline

We’ve been discussing finding time by using time priorities as a powerful time management tool.

What about tasks that involve a short-term or one-time event?

A good way to look at things like this is to grant highest priority to the task on your list that causes greatest consequences for yourself or others.

The Tools of the Trade!For example, what if your child needs a costume for a play in two weeks?

This becomes a high priority, because if you do not do it, your child will be the only one in the play without a costume.

Once you have an overview, then add in your time-limited priorities…

When you are prioritizing tasks using this system, it is very helpful to plot out all of your tasks on a calendar. Then integrate one-time events with ongoing responsibilities. This will help you see, and plan around, overlapping priorities.

Remember – setting task priorities without a system is useless.

Equally important as setting them is taking the time to create a system that allows you to act in accordance with your priorities.

How have you been doing, as you tap into the power of priority-setting? I’d love to hear from you!

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