Finding Time to Reflect on the Old While Ringing in the New

Ring in the NewHappy New Year! I wish you a healthy and growthful 2009. Hope it’s filled with moments of productivity, depth, love, learning, and laughter. AND the time to assimilate and appreciate it all!

As I say good-bye to 2008, I reflect back on what an amazing year it was. The world saw triumph and tragedy, discouraging strife and inspiring cooperation – all in the span of 365 days.

Reflect and Appreciate

Around the world, the still-unfolding economic crisis continues to affect everyone and everything.  Here in the US, we had the culmination of a lengthy political campaign and historic election. And now a new administration is just 20 days away from taking office. In China there was the juxtaposition of their terrible earthquake and the Beijing Olympic Games. What a graphic illustration of the range of human experience and striving in 2008.

Growth at Finding Time

On a personal front, it was a year of growth and exciting developments. I launched The Time Finder blog, developed new time-finding products, published lots of practical, time-finding articles and tips, and connected with hundreds upon hundreds of wonderful people in the process!

That journey was jarred (but never actually knocked off track) by New Hampshire’s “Ice Storm of 2008.” It was a storm for the history books – and we are still cleaning up in its wake. We were without power for nearly two weeks, and lost many beautiful old trees on our farm to the devastating ice. As awful as it was, however, I come away from it feeling grateful for the lessons of resilience and flexibility the experience offered.

The attitude of gratitude is transformative and powerful, as I learned quite personally, thanks to our icy December!

How was 2008 for you? As we begin 2009, I’d love to hear your reflections and thoughts.

Here’s to your time success, as the New Year begins!

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