Finding Time to Say No and Empower Your Yes!

getting-thereDo you sometimes have trouble finding time to follow through on the tasks that are the most important to you?

When it comes to time management, do your top priorities keep slipping down on your to do list?

Maybe learning to feel more comfortable with saying no will help.

In our culture, saying no is often seen as a negative — as a holding back from life and its wealth of experiences and opportunities. That disinclination to saying no, coupled with the thousands of choices that present themselves to us can lead to a kind of paralysis.

Finding Time for Yes With Your No

Saying yes to everything will get you stuck in a morass of overwhelm very quickly. On the other hand, saying no can help you focus your energies more effectively and manage your time choices more efficiently. Re-framing your “no” as a positive step toward having time boundaries and following through on goals and commitments is extremely empowering.

So, as choices come your way over the next few days, pause before you respond. Think about your priorities and your boundaries.  As I note in one of my Finding Time Tips:

If you can’t say no, maybe you don’t know where your boundaries are.

Your no makes room for your yeses.  Your no creates the space in which you can move toward your goal.   This is a simple fact that many of us tend to forget.  Time is finite. For every big “yes” that eventually will represent a goal accomplished, there need to be lots of smaller no’s that help build toward that success.

Sometimes these no’s represent losses — the proverbial “road not taken.” It is important to acknowledge that consciously and honor your feelings about this. The choice to say no will not always be an easy one.  However, it is key to remember that it can always be positive and empowering for you!

Have you found time to say no in service of your yeses? I’d love to hear how that works for you, and what you discover!

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