Finding Time to Start Fresh by Decluttering

Happy Monday – and Happy November! The transition from Daylight Saving to Standard time can be a real test of time management skills. I hope it went well for you.

Do you find that, at the start of a new month, you sometimes have the urge to get organized and “declutter”?

Decluttering is in the air…

Judging from what I was reading on Twitter this past weekend, many were in that mode! So many people were Tweeting about clearing out paper from their offices, cleaning closets, culling their in-boxes – all kinds of simplifying and decluttering activities.

Bare TreesIndeed, just as November’s winds bring down the last of the leaves, letting us look into the deeper recesses of the woods, decluttering clears your space and clears your energy.

Transitional times always provide opportunities to reflect and to make changes as you embark on a new beginning. So, decluttering can be a wonderful way to reduce stress and start the new month with a clean slate.

Here’s a decluttering resource for you…

I am a contributing author to an e-book on the subject of decluttering that offers great information and a wide variety of tips on ways to address the clutter in our lives.  Clutter Free and Clear:  Take Charge of Your Time and Space! is published by Sheldon Felton, LLC and contains chapters by the following experts:  Tara J. Sheldon, MSW; Sallie Felton, CMC; Carol M. Olmstead, FSII; Elaine F. Cidzik; Kathryn Burnett, CMC, LSW; Pam Holland; Xhazzie Kindle, and Paula Eder, Ph.D.! I encourage you to check out the e-book, if you are interested in more information.

Take advantage of your decluttering energy during times of transition.  It needn’t be an all day affair (remember to “Think 15!“).  Whatever amount of time you have, harness a bit of that energy this week to declutter your time or simplify your work or living space.  You’ll be so glad that you did!

I’d love to hear how your decluttering goes!  Click where it says “Please Leave a Comment” below. Drop me a line!

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