Finding Time to Address One Problem Can Fix Many Others, Too!

DebrisFinding time to take action in your life is a powerfully rewarding time management and productivity tool.  This can be especially true when you are feeling stuck.

The time choices you make when you can’t get yourself moving are crucial.  And they are very simple, really.

The main thing is to act.  This is because addressing problems in one area will cascade into other parts of your life, freeing up your energy and creativity in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.

The cascade effect…

I read a very interesting post the other day on Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist blog.  It’s titled Solve most of your problems by solving just one, and in it she talks about getting herself unstuck (on a number of fronts) by working on one problem and solving it.  She writes:

Anyway, for most of last year, I struggled to blog regularly and run the company and be around for my kids. Finally, this month, when the company has been more difficult than ever, I managed to start blogging four times a week again. This is the result of trying a new time management trick every week, for months and months, until I figured out a system for getting the blog posts done. What finally worked was examining the other problems I was having in my life, and solving those first.

But why?

Why would this be so?  There are a number of possible reasons that come to my mind.  Consider these two, for starters:

  • Being stuck is discouraging and can leave you feeling less and less capable.  You don’t want to approach your work or other tasks and challenges, because you simply feel overwhelmed by them.  You’re likely to procrastinate, which adds to your stress and your “stuckness.”  You reverse this trend by taking action on anything – and as you do so, you feel your confidence return, and you’re ready for further action!
  • When you’re stuck, it’s a little like a dam has been erected in the midst of your life.  Think of it as a beaver dam – constructed of lots of sticks and debris.    Removing any stick or bit of debris starts a trickle getting through.  Remove a few more, and soon you have a flow going.  You don’t need to worry about whether you’re removing the “correct” sticks, just get started.  The work will be rewarding, I guarantee it!

Getting into the flow…

When you work on any problem, you are releasing a stuck place.  Things will begin to flow more smoothly, your confidence will return, and you will have access to the ideas and energy that had been piling up behind the dam!

Have you found this to be true on your life?  I know I certainly have.  I’d love to hear how it’s worked for you!

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