Finding Time to Align Your Priorities with Your Deepest Values

Finding time to make choices that are in sync with your heart can be a challenge in the midst of the clamor of competing demands and responsibilities.

Who and what do you listen to, when you are setting your priorities?  And do you set priorities at all?

These are good questions to ask yourself periodically.  Be sure to ask them in a non-judgmental way, so that the answers you receive are honest and open.

You may well find, when you explore your answers to these questions, that you are living your life reactively.  That means that your priorities and time choices are shaped by the demands of the day … not by a course that you have set for yourself.

It’s easy to slip into living this way.  Indeed, the busier we are, the more likely it is that this will happen.  And the end result is that we may be very “productive.”  We may be churning out lots of work and ticking things off of our To Do Lists.  But when we turn out the light at night, we feel exhausted, empty and unfulfilled.

It isn’t an oversimplification to say that this is how you’re going to feel when your time choices are not connected with your values.  Like driving your car when it is out of alignment, this is very wearing and inefficient.  The moving parts aren’t working in sync and, in fact, are sometimes working at odds with each other.

With your car, a trip to the shop is in order, to get everything back into alignment.  For us, it’s not a visit to the shop that’s needed, but a pause to connect with our values and inner wisdom.

It’s so vital to create the space in our lives to quietly listen to that voice – the Wise Inner Voice that can get lost in the noise and bustle of each day.  You know when you hear it and you know when you are living from its deep energy and power.

How do you know? Your activities and choices have a congruence that flows and you end each day feeling grateful and fulfilled – even in the midst of challenges.

The key is to listen to yourself and activate the powerful alignment between who you are and what you do.  What’s different is that you in sync with yourself and are joyfully living your very own life!

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