Finding Time to Be a Good Steward of Our Planet

relaxingDid you find time to celebrate our planet on Earth Day yesterday?  The wet weather here in New England kept many indoors as we got some much-needed rain! I love pausing on days like Earth Day, to think about my values, my priorities, and what I can do every day to find ways to put them into action.  So that’s what I took a few moments to do yesterday.

The EPA’s 5 actions for the planet…

I was interested to explore the EPA’s Earth Day page and see that they advise choosing 5 actions that you can commit to following through on.  A list of possible actions can be found on their Pick 5 page.  You can share your picks if you want to, or use their ideas to spark your own, and come up with your own list.

I would advise not trying to make too many big changes in your everyday living all at once.  Instead, hold onto your list and make incremental changes over time so that something like recycling, for example, can be incorporated into your routine without too much disruption.

New habits take time.

This is because you are working to create new habits (which usually takes @ 28 days). If you bite off more than you can chew, your efforts are likely to peter out before your new habit has actually taken hold.

Finding time to be a good steward of the planet is a lot like finding time for self care, in my mind.  Our Selves and Our Planet are the necessary bases from which all of our activities and accomplishments spring.  So, pausing to honor and reflect on this fundamental truth is an important activity on Earth Day.

Equally, if not more important, is finding time to incorporate this awareness into our habits and activities every day.

Is this something that you have been working on in your life?  Something that you’ve incorporated into your routine for a long time?  Would you like to find time to expand your activities as a steward of our planet?  I invite you to share a comment here – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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