Finding Time to Celebrate and Look Back with Appreciation!

Celebrate!Finding time to celebrate anniversaries, accomplishments, and milestones is one way that we find time for what matters most in our lives! The graduation season that many just celebrated is a great example.

Rituals and celebrations…

These rituals reinforce our values and give us an opportunity to feel our growth. They also allow us to appreciate our connections and relationships, express gratitude, reflect on the past, and make new beginnings.  Pausing and finding the time for a mindful experience of these milestones offers an awful lot, doesn’t it?

We’re celebrating our first anniversary!

Here at The Time Finder we are very pleased to celebrate the completion of our first full year of blogging!  So much has happened, both in the world and right here at Finding Time since we first posted on June 24, 2008!

Now here we are, 249 posts later. We’re appreciating new and old friends and feeling glad and grateful for the exploring that we’ve done together.

And we’re also looking ahead with anticipation and renewed energy. What will the coming year bring? Some of it we can predict.  We’ll be offering new products to help you find time and exploring new media here on The Time Finder!

But there will also be things that come as a surprise, I am sure.  Either way, we are so happy to be sharing this journey through time with you!

And you?

What milestones have you celebrated lately?  Are there gratitudes, accomplishments or new beginnings that you’d like to share?  Please drop me a line – I’d love to hear!

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Let’s explore time together …

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