Finding Time to Celebrate YOU!

The Finish Line!Yesterday I wrote about finding time to exercise – a key ingredient in caring for yourself. Today I want to write about something even more fundamental than that particular self care skill – that is finding time to love and celebrate yourself!

Loving yourself is the solid and nurturing base from which meaningful self care springs. Think about exercising for a moment.  (And, by the way, thank you, Wendy and Teresa, for your wonderful comments and ideas about ways to include exercise in a daily routine!)

If your commitment to an exercise routine is coming from a place of warm self-regard, then follow-through springs organically from that regard.  Your regimen is authentically connected to self-care and is an integral part of your day.

You are much more likely to continue your routine in this scenario than if exercise is an injunction springing from the self-critical voice that we all carry and are sometimes all-too-familiar with!  Indeed, when exercise is a “should” then rebellion is never too far away! You may start a routine, but you aren’t likely to maintain it, because it is based in an internal dissonance.

Finding time to love and celebrate yourself is like finding time to voice gratitudes – it changes everything!  It is like finding a clear note.  You’ll know when you hit it!

And it doesn’t have to take a lot of time.  The key is to be genuine in your self-talk, and to connect with your heart. At first, you may need to search a bit to find the words that go to your core. But the more you practice and build a repertoire of self-loving expressions, the less time it takes!

Celebrating yourself, valuing yourself, loving yourself – making the choice to do this transforms any moment. Like the attitude of gratitude, it is at once very powerful and very simple.

Do you take time to celebrate yourself?  How do you do it?  What barriers do you encounter?  How do you manage them?  I’d love to hear!

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