Finding Time to Change a Pattern and Find "New Eyes"

Butterfly-change a patternWhy is it important, sometimes, to change a pattern?

Well, finding time to recognize your patterns and then make conscious choices about them is one of the most powerful skills that we can cultivate in our lives.  Creating systems and templates (both are essentially patterns) can be great time-savers.  However, patterns can also become rote responses that may not always be helpful.

So, why change a pattern?

On her blog Minding Your Matters, Janice Russell recently wrote a very helpful post titled breaking up is hard to do.  In it, she addresses the challenge and the promise inherent in changing patterns and quotes Tuli Kupferburg:

When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.

What if one of your patterns is to always say yes when a co-worker interrupts you to ask for help with her project?  You like feeling helpful, but you never complete your own tasks. So what if you said a firm and friendly “No” the next time she asked?

And it doesn’t take a lot of time…

Learning to recognize and change a pattern needn’t entail a big time commitment.  Rather, it requires a simple willingness – even an eagerness – to see.  Then, the possibilities become endless!  Setting a time boundary for yourself (essentially that is what you did when you said “No”) is a choice with life-changing ramifications.

Change a pattern and change your view…

As you begin to explore this time management skill for yourself, everything will begin to look different!

As Marcel Proust has pointed out:

The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

Choosing change is transformative in so many ways.  Have you looked at your patterns and made changes?  Are time boundaries a familiar tool for you?

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Please join us on the 21st – and, in the meantime, here’s to changing patterns and exploring new worlds with new eyes!

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