Finding Time to Create Abundance with Gratitude

Finding time can begin with finding your heart. That might seem counter-intuitive, but think about it.  So often, when we are busy, the connection to our heart feels fainter. That, in turn, can start a constriction that leads straight to urgency, frustration and feeling that there’s simply not enough to go around.

When you feel yourself tighten like that, don’t panic.  Instead, know that you have found the perfect time to transform your world from the inside out!

Here’s how:

BE gratitude.

This dramatic shift in consciousness generates instant fulfillment. It may sound unbelievable, but give it a try.  ONLY when you experience how gratitude transforms your approach to life will you truly come to understand. You already possess EVERYTHING that you need in order to live with joy. And that is abundance!

In my last blog entry, I discussed courageous prioritizing. As you simplify your schedule and set aside time to look within, you can tune in to how you feel. Notice how you can make healthy decisions for yourself more easily. When you do this, positive builds on positive, and your circle of appreciation just naturally grows!

You may be familiar with the “3 Gratitudes” Exercise. Try writing down 3 things you are grateful for every night. Pay particular attention to how the time choices you make contribute to these blessings in your life. That’s YOUR power at work!

Abundance and Your Time

Moving from “scarcity time” to “abundant time” is a journey. Some rewards are immediate. Others come slowly, with patient, surefooted steps. Nightly rituals like writing down 3 blessings carry a triple benefit (I call them the “3 E’s!”):

  1. Writing your blessings enhances your awareness in the moment.
  2. Validating your time choices encourages you to identify what activities TRULY bring joy to your life. The answers might surprise you!
  3. Reviewing your blessings enables you to trace your progress.

By transitioning from the illusion of scarcity to the reality of inner abundance, you enter a flow.

Multiple rewards from wise time choices will become more common. Your creativity has fertile ground to flower, and you feel freer to experiment. “Mistakes” reveal themselves to be the lessons they always were.

It’s like waking from a spell!

Drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing with seeing and experiencing the abundance in your finite time … I’d love to hear!

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Let’s explore time together …


  1. Ellene/AuthenticAbundance says

    Hi Paula,

    A great post today!

    Your use of the 3 E’s is an easy way to remember to close our day with gratitude.

    I especially like the second E “Validating your time choices encourages you to identify what activities TRULY bring joy to your life. The answers might surprise you!”

    Thank you for the encouragement to always be aware of activities that TRULY bring joy to my life.

    Tonight will truly bring joy to my life as we speak!

  2. Hi Ellene –

    I thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and warm energy. Here’s to time choices that bring you joy every single day … and most especially tonight!

    And here’s to YOU!


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