Finding Time to Enjoy Holiday Times … When You are Already Busy!

ClockFinding time in the span between Thanksgiving and the December holidays can be a huge challenge.

Here we are on December 9th, with Hanukkah starting this Friday night, and Christmas and New Year’s soon to follow.  How do you prepare for these celebrations, get everything else done, and take care of yourself, too?

It’s a tall order, AND it’s most definitely do-able.  You’ll need to do some planning, find your comfort zone, set your boundaries, and then be prepared to be disciplined about your follow-through!

Melissa McCreery has recently published an excellent article on that focuses on How to Take Better Care of Yourself When You Don’t Have Time.  Among the very practical tips that she shares is an insight I particularly want to emphasize about self care – it’s so spot on!

Savor and cherish. You may not have all the “me time” that you really need. You may have to make some compromises or fit things in a less than optimal way. That’s how it works for most of us. The thing is, it only works, if you savor the time that you do have. Whether you have five minutes or an afternoon, make sure you are present for the time that you devote to yourself.

Navigating the holidays in a way that enhances everyone’s experience … including your own … also involves staying within your comfort zone.  That, in turn, means knowing yourself, and then making choices that put that knowledge into practice.

What happens when you commit to working within your comfort zone?

As you create exciting holiday alternatives, remember; every time you add something, you must let go of something else. This involves setting boundaries.

If you usually spend countless hours juggling others’ needs, managing your time according to your holiday comfort level may seem revolutionary. And yet everyone benefits when you set boundaries. By taking the responsibility to work within your circle of contentment and competence, you give everyone the best of yourself.

Do you know your comfort zone?  Have you put what you know into practice?  Try starting small.  Drop me a line and let me know how it goes .. I’d love to hear!

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