Finding Time to Enjoy the Ride: 5 Timely Tips about Time and Aging!

Finding time to enjoy the passage of time is a wonderful skill to develop.  It involves self-awareness, compassion, and a good measure of letting go.

Who forces time is pushed back by time; who yields to time finds time on his side.  The Talmud

There are certain times – like the beginning of a New Year or the arrival of a birthday or other anniversary – that can bring the march of time to the forefront of our consciousness.  How do you feel when you come to one of those places?

I believe it’s so important to appreciate and embrace the process and experience of aging.

These tips will provide some helpful stepping stones for you.

  1. Keep in mind that your process of aging occurs over time.  It doesn’t happen all at once, though it can sometimes sneak up and surprise you!  Review the last few months. Can you identify the incremental changes you’ve experiences in your energy or your efficiency?  Rather than worry about this, use your new clarity to understand that these changes are a natural part of living.  You don’t have to be surprised by them.
  2. Avoid denial.  This goes right along with #1.  Be compassionate and direct (a very powerful combination) with yourself as you take in the fact that you move more slowly and it takes you longer to get things done. It can be tempting to deny the reality of these changes and to tell yourself that things will return to ‘normal’ once you are less tired or stressed. But this keeps you on the defensive and sets you up for ‘surprises’ (see #1).  You can exercise positive control by listing those tasks that now take you longer to complete … and then planning accordingly.
  3. Don’t react with anger or frustration.  This might feel powerful, but in reality it does nothing but keep you stuck! It’s important to HAVE your feelings, but encourage them to flow, rather than letting them churn in whirlpools. Staying stuck in anger or frustration diverts valuable energy from examining how you can adjust to your new pace. Once you’ve let the natural feelings out, use your creativity and challenge yourself. You can craft new ways to maintain your productivity while accepting that the time required to do so may expand.
  4. Don’t stay stuck in grief. Grief, like your anger, needs to flow.  That’s how you make way for the new. If your self-esteem is linked to high productivity and accomplishment, you may initially feel like you’ve ‘hit a wall’ as you slow down. However, as you acknowledge your grief and let it flow, you will find that aging opens new gateways.  If you look forward, not back, and accept your real losses (and honor your accomplishments) you can reframe this as a time to stretch, savor, and celebrate what truly matters.
  5. Use humor.  Simply put, humor humanizes. Try to approach your and your friends’ complaints about the changes that aging brings with empathy and a humorous anecdote (or two)!  You see, negativity is highly contagious, but so is a pragmatic view, softened by humor!  Create an environment of acceptance … and see how it changes everything.

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