Finding Time to Explore the Twitter Blog (on Cyber Tuesday)!

twitter9gifFinding time to Tweet and explore Twitter is a pretty high priority for many, judging from the ongoing popularity and growth of that social networking tool.  Indeed, according to Twitter’s own stats, their active users have increased 900% over the past year!

Did you know that there’s a Twitter Blog? It looks like a great place to explore news about Twitter developments, plans for the platform, and general tidbits about the tool.  I recently read, for example, that plans are in the works for adding the Search functionality to the Home Pages of Twitter accounts.  The feature is currently in their Test system.  Once it’s ready to fly, it will be a great addition – enabling you to plug in search terms or keywords for your niche and see what people are saying about them in real time!

As they say at Twitter:

Searching over Twitter messages is like a filter for what is happening right now-it’s an interesting look into the real-time thoughts of people and organizations around the world. Whether you’re curious about something specific or you just want to browse the trending topics, we’ve found that Twitter Search adds a new layer of relevance.

For example, a search using the words “time management” would give you a glimpse of what kinds of observations and questions are being raised about time management across the span of the globe!  Then, if  you wanted to respond directly to someone’s question, you could quickly do so, right from the search results screen.

Quick Twitter Tip – If you put quotation marks around your search terms, the search will look for those exact words.  Otherwise, it will include any combination of those words.

Have you used the Twitter search function or explored their blog? What did you discover? Is Twitter a tool that you use a lot, or one that still mystifies you?  Drop me a line – I’d love to hear!

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