Finding Time to Get Unstuck with a Timely Tip!

clockThe other afternoon I had found some time and decided to work ahead on some blog posts.  I settled down at my desk and almost immediately got stuck staring at a blank sheet of paper!  (Yes, I like to do my writing with hand-to-paper.)

Does that ever happen to you?  The ideas just were not coming, and the moments were ticking by. I could feel my body starting to tense, and my mind constricting rather than opening.  That is not an environment that’s conducive to creativity – to say the least!

Recognizing that I was headed toward a dead-end, I took a deep breath and relaxed my muscles, letting my mind do the same. Focusing on nothing in particular, I just breathed in and out, letting go with each out breath, and letting in creative energy with each inhalation.

Gradually, I could feel myself relaxing back into the moment.  When I opened my eyes I remembered my collection of Finding Time Tips – weekly tips with action steps addressing all sorts of time-related challenges.

Get unstuck with this tip…

I pulled out one of the tips and action steps, as follows:

TIP: Any big project can be broken into small chunks.

ACTION STEP: Break your project into time chunks that fit the times you have available. If you still encounter problems, consider simplifying the steps further.  If necessary, factor in time to sort out what’s blocking the progress.

I next thought about what was blocking my progress and realized that I needed to start writing from right where I was.  So, I started with being stuck, and wrote this post.  Once I was moving again, the frames of several more posts emerged.

Finding time to get unstuck is often a matter of first relaxing and then reaching out and picking up one of the tools that you have at hand (as I did with my collection of tips).  Once you take one step, another will follow, guaranteed!

How do you handle feeling stuck?  Drop me a line – I’d love to hear!

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Let’s explore time together …


  1. beingtotal says

    I handle being stuck by determining exactly what task suits my energy level and the type of energy I do have available and doing that. For instance, if I get frustrated with technology I may mow the lawn. If I get overwhelmed I do boring chores like laundry and dishes. If I get bored I do challenging tasks. I find that by choosing tasks that are suited to the type of resource I have at the moment, whenever possible, I am able to get more done without forcing myself. Sometimes a particular task will remain undone for a while, but when I catch up to it I am able to do it more effectively because I am in the right frame of mind.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these insights, beingtotal! This builds wonderfully on the post. I love what you say matching available energy to tasks. As you point out, it is a great way to get things done without its being forced. When it’s possible, this is a great way to optimize energy, efficiency, and flow. Thanks again!

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