Finding Time to Go For It!

pathWhat does it mean to go for it?

Well, finding time for what matters most is a worthy goal, and it is also a daily challenge.  It’s important to remember, as we negotiate our daily priorities, that the power to make time choices is always in our hands!

So,  go for it!

No matter what comes our way, we always have choices about how we respond – and there is a world of empowerment in realizing that fundamental fact!

On her blog Go for Your Dream, Kimberly Bohannon recently wrote about discipline, focus, and the role that excuses can play in getting us off-track and keeping us stuck.  The post is titled “The Habits of Achievement: How to Eliminate Excuses and Remain Focused on Your Goals.”   She writes:

You have to take responsibility for your actions and realize that YOU are responsible for making your dreams a reality.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”

If you watch her video, you’ll hear more about this, and about the debilitating effects of excuses.

What you need to move forward…

In the end, there is nothing external to us that can “hold us back.”  Our own focus and discipline are all that we need to move forward toward our goals.

I would add that there is nothing magical about discipline.  It isn’t a character trait.  It is a moment-to-moment choice.

The good news is that this means the power is entirely in our hands! Since being disciplined and staying focused are choices that I remake for myself in each moment, there are plenty of opportunities to exercise these qualities.  AND, the more I practice, the more I habituate myself to making disciplined time choices.  It’s always a choice – but with practice it gets easier and easier to make it!

Every choice counts.

On the path toward realizing your goals, each time choice you make is a step. When you choose discipline and focus, you will be moving yourself forward along your path.  When you don’t, you’ll be stuck.  It’s that simple.

What gets in the way of your focus and discipline?  How can you make different time choices for yourself? Please drop me a line – I’d love to hear about your experiences!

And this helps, too.

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