Finding Time to Listen to Your Body

MeditationFinding time to really listen is an enterprise that always repays the effort.  Whether it’s listening to someone else, listening to yourself, or listening to the subconscious messages you send yourself in various ways, listening openly and well offers wonderful information that you can then factor into your choices.

In yesterday’s post, we explored the importance of paying attention to anniversaries, and noted that “we can be affected by anniversaries, even if we don’t consciously remember.” This is, indeed, true.  For example, our bodies are many things to us, and one of them, I believe, is a repository of information.  When we open to this, amazing things can be learned.

So, what’s your body telling you? What if you have a sore back or neck that bothers you while you are working on an important project?  How about a tickle or frog in your throat when you are about to speak to a particular person, or about a particular subject?  Or what about when you feel low on energy or sleepy for no obvious reason?

I invite you to consider this:  The aches, pains and feelings that you experience physically ARE trying to tell you something. The information they hold could be related to blocks that are holding you back in other areas of your life, too – not just in this singular moment.

You may have noticed that we don’t often post here at The Time Finder on Friday’s … but today I’m making an exception, because I have something special and timely to tell you about!

I want to introduce you to my friend and colleague Krista Hearty.  She works with Spirit-Oriented Entrepreneurs and Coaches, Purpose-Driven Solopreneurs, and Seekers on the Path to Self Discovery.  She is THE woman who can help you tap into the messages and memories deep inside of you, unleashing your energy and power, and opening up new paths to Balance and Abundance.

The great news is that Krista is offering a FREE teleclass next week. To get huge shifts and break through the physical and emotional blocks that hold you back, you need to both understand the information she’ll share AND use experiential exercises she’ll give you.  They will remind you, in an ongoing way, about how to access the information and stores of energy that your body holds.  Krista will also share tips about how to apply this empowering information directly to your personal and business life.

“7 Steps to Unleash the Brilliance of Your Body: Breaking Through Business Blocks Using the Power of the Chakras” will be offered on Wednesday December 16th from 2-3pm EST.  I invite you to tap into the information that your body has to offer, by joining Krista for this free inspirational and experiential Teleclass.

You can grab your spot right now by registering at:

Would you like to open to what your body is telling you? I’d love to hear about what you discover as you explore this!

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