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Finding time to catch your breath and connect with yourself  is such an important, nourishing and empowering thing to do!  And so often it is the thing that we let go of first.

Just listen to this recent question that Jen, in Tulsa, e-mailed to me …

Dear Paula,

I really enjoy reading about how to set boundaries. But when I set aside time for myself, I often let it go because something else more important needs that time.

When I keep the boundary, I feel guilty for ‘wasting time’.

How can I set boundaries, use them, and feel good about them?


This is a very timely question, as we’ll be sharing a lot of great information about finding time to tap into your Inner Wisdom in our teleclass next Tuesday (9/14). Personal boundary skills will be very, very important as you learn to connect more deeply with yourself … so read on!

Dear Jen,

Thanks for asking such an important question! Setting boundaries may be a new skill for you. Like all new skills, establishing boundaries takes practice and discipline.

I suggest that you start small. For example, you might set a boundary to give yourself one hour a week of “you” time. Or you might give yourself permission to take a walk two days a week.

Schedule this during a time when something ‘more important’ is less likely to challenge your plans … then document the results.

Ask yourself some questions as you reflect on how it all went:

  • Where did you follow through, and how did you feel about empowering yourself?
  • If you didn’t follow through, what happened?
  • What other choice did you make instead?
  • What did you learn from that?
  • How does your energy feel when you take care of yourself, versus when you put something else ahead of yourself?

I would also suggest creating an affirmation that can become a mantra for you. For example, you might focus on how it is your right to use your time in ways that you choose. Repeat this mantra once an hour until it becomes automatic. That can help you remain determined in the face of challenges to your boundaries.

Warmest regards,


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