Finding Time to Manage Transitions by Knowing Yourself Better

bridgeFinding time for managing transitions is easier the more you know about yourself and your responses to change.

That may sound like a truism, but, in fact, many of us respond to change (and to lots of other things, as well) automatically. These reactive responses deny us the power of making conscious choices.

But it’s hard to step in and slow down an automatic process.  Usually, you don’t even realize that it’s happening.

In my article Finding Time Strategies – 7 Essential Steps to Embrace New Transitions I offer an exercise for discovering and exploring the ways that you respond when confronted with change in your life.  With a thorough knowledge of your own patterns and tendencies, you are much better able to recognize an automatic response, slow down, and make a conscious choice.

Likewise, when you deepen your understanding of where those automatic responses spring from, you can approach your responses and reactions with compassion and openness.  The voice of the inner critic is never helpful – and can be especially challenging (and distracting) during times of transition.  Compassion and understanding always undercut the power of this debilitating voice, freeing up your creativity and personal strengths!

Thriving in times of transition requires alertness and flexibility. The better you know yourself, the more you’ll understand how to monitor your automatic responses and call on your strengths. Invite yourself to use this exercise over time, so you can bring vision and confidence to your ever-changing life.

Try the exercise and discover how you really feel about transitions … and then let me know what you learn.  I’d love to hear about your experiences and ideas!

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