Finding Time to Outmaneuver Your Time Gremlins: The People-Pleaser

Finding time to outmaneuver your Time Gremlins wins you still more precious time.  As we’ve explored their insidious ways, isn’t it a delicious feeling to break free of them?  Not only do you find time, but you learn so much empowering information about yourself!

I think it’s great news that your Time Gremlins are completely dependent upon you in order to survive. They can only thrive by using your energy. They hitchhike rides on your plans, trying to scoot under your radar while wreaking havoc.

Granted, these Time Gremlins are clever… but believe me, you can be a lot smarter!

In upcoming blog posts, I’ll provide a handy identification guide to individual Time Gremlins. Each posting will describe one particular Time Gremlin, and provide you with an antidote you can use right away.  Here’s a particularly crafty one to start with … see if you recognize it:

The People-Pleaser Time Gremlin

The People-Pleaser Time Gremlin coaxes you to empower others. Maybe you try to win their favor in the hope of receiving some reward. Perhaps you doubt your ability to proceed independently. But when you value others’ priorities over your own, you forfeit your ability to plan effectively.  Not only that, but the hidden bargains that you are striking will always backfire.

Outmaneuver Your Time Gremlins with an Antidote

To apply the antidote to the People-Pleaser Time Gremlin, ask yourself these questions. Then jot down each answer in a sentence or two:

    • When you choose to put yourself first, what new challenges will you face?
    • What is the worst thing that can realistically happen if you meet this challenge on your own?
    • In what way will meeting these new challenges help you grow?
    • How will you become more clearly defined?
    • What is your very first step? (One you can perform right now … or in a single sitting?)

If at all possible, take that first step very soon … don’t let the opportunity slip away!

Remember, your courage grows with action … and at the same time, your Time Gremlins lose their power.  So tell that People-Pleaser Time Gremlin that you’re in charge … and let me know how it goes, I’d love to hear!

And here’s something more to consider.

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Let’s explore time together …


  1. Ellene/AuthenticAbundance says

    Wow Paula,

    You hit the nail on the head with this post.

    To me putting others first is what I was taught as a child.

    Then when I try to change that, there is so much resistance, mostly from myself.

    Your questions are thought provoking and require much introspection on my part to successfully make changes I know I need to make.

  2. You’re so right, Ellene. Lots of us learned that taking care of ourselves was selfish. And there’s a lot of internal resistance to changing those old, old patterns and beliefs.

    But the reward for working with the resistance and making those key changes is …YOU – empowered, creative and energized.

    Here’s to your time success as you journey on!


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