Finding Time to Outsmart Your Nastiest Time Gremlins!

What are time gremlins and why should you care? Well, finding time can sometimes feel like a race around countless roadblocks that pop up, can’t it?

And some of the trickiest obstacles you’re likely to encounter as you journey through your day are best described as the collection of personal challenges that I call Time Gremlins.  Just as you’d expect from their name, they tend to be crafty trouble-makers. And because they’re so hard to see, you may run right into them at full speed.

Oh, and they’re especially difficult to sidestep when you harbor doubts about their very existence. So read on, I think you’ll find this helpful.

Yes, they are real…

In my experience, Time Gremlins are real, AND they are universal. What do I mean by that?  I mean that they’re hiding out inside of each of us at all times.

If it’s clarifying, you might think of them as the voices of your time issues.  Whatever you find most challenging, when it comes to time management, those gremlins stand ready to exploit and amplify.

You know you’ve bumped up against your time gremlins when their messages sabotage your priorities, tangle your plans, and spoil your pleasure in your time choices. Because they’re invisible, these voices inside you often can run riot. That is, until you intercept them.

Patience helps with time gremlins.

To block each one, it’s important to be patient with yourself.  This is hard work, and you will advance … all the better if you take it one tiny step at a time. As you become more and more skilled in battling your time gremlins, you’ll be very pleased with the results! So let’s begin to look more closely at this.

How Can You Start Recognizing Your Time Gremlins?

Well, for starters you need to know where to look.  Being tricky creatures, your Time Gremlins usually hang out in your blind spots.  Things like unexamined feelings and ideas about time are great grist for Gremlins!  They might be ideas or messages that you’ve carried from childhood.  Wishful thinking also provides a fertile breeding ground for these crafty critters.

Don’t give up.

Bottom line: Their effect is universal. They steal your power! And they feel like they’re outside your control (although they aren’t, of course).

Stay tuned … In my next blog post I’ll provide a quiz to help you identify which Time Gremlin is currently blocking your progress.  Once you recognize the culprit you are well on your way to outmaneuvering your gremlin and no longer letting your plans be foiled!

For now, simply note when your plans mysteriously lose momentum or direction. Pay particular attention to the times when you can’t put a finger on what went wrong. Even jotting down a few sentences will help you recall the incident, and then you can use these examples when filling out the upcoming quiz.

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