Finding Time to Recommit to Resolutions … or Recalibrate Them

Finding time to take stock when you’re working on personal goals can be a difficult challenge. I was thinking the other day that, as we near the end of the month of January, it’s a good time to look at how things have transpired on the New Year’s resolution front.

Measuring ProgressWhen you set goals, it’s important to be able to look honestly at how you’re progressing. Having steps along the way that are measurable can be a very helpful way to do that. It gives you good, concrete information. At the same time it can short-circuit any tendency to be self-critical.

This late January time is often a point when people give up on their resolutions. Maybe you thought that things would go more quickly or more easily. Maybe unexpected obstacles arose. Whatever the case, this is a good time to take stock and either recommit or recalibrate!

In my article titled Time Management Tips – How to Create a Compelling Vision to Fuel Your Enthusiasm I look at some ways that you can recharge your resolve!

This might be a good time to go back and revisit your original reason for making the resolution. What excited you about it? Is it still something that you want to do? Is there a way that you can make it more achievable for yourself?

So how have you been doing on your New Year’s resolutions? How can you adjust your goals and/or your expectations to get moving again?  I’d love to hear!

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