Finding Time to Retweet (and be Retweeted)

twitter9gif1You may have noticed that Twitter is a favorite Cyber Monday topic on The Time Finder!  Today I’d like to share an excellent article by Guy Kawasaki (an early Apple evangelist, blogger, and founder of Alltop) about the power of Retweeting and “How to Get Retweeted.”

In this brief article, Mr. Kawasaki describes the importance and meaning of retweets as follows:

The reason that retweeting is so flattering is that every time people do it, they are putting their reputation on the line. If their followers don’t like the retweet, their reputation is reduced. So whenever someone retweets your tweet, they are expressing confidence that what you’ve tweeted is interesting and good. Thus, the best measure of someone’s quality as a Twitter user is not the number of followers but the amount of retweets.

His six tips are very practical and doable – and explore some quick ways to begin writing tweets that are likely to be retweeted.

About a month ago we posted on retweeting from the perspective of connecting with others by retweeting their content.  Here we’re looking at getting YOUR tweets retweeted.  If you are working to expand your presence on Twitter and develop meaningful connections there, then retweeting others’ content, AND writing content that others will retweet are two important avenues to explore and develop for yourself.

To make Retweeting easier (from Darren Rowse at TwiTip) here’s a very brief post with information on how to Get a Retweet Button for Your Blog.  It seems like a great idea to me (and we’ll be adding a button to future posts here at The Time Finder).

How about you?  Do you retweet?  Do people retweet your content?  What’s been your experience? I’d love to hear!

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