Finding Time to Separate the Routines from the Rituals

Finding time is so special that you’d probably like to use any minutes that you are able to find in the best way possible! But it’s not always crystal clear what is best, is it?

I’d like to suggest that rituals are one way of keeping the slivers of precious time that you find from being swallowed up by routines that may not serve you so well.

Are you wondering what the difference really is between a ritual and just another routine?

Well, sometimes it may boil down to what you choose to do. And sometimes, it may be simply a deep level of mindfulness you bring to activities like drinking a cup of tea, or walking around the block.

Here are two things to consider.  They will help you see and feel the difference between rituals and routines.

  • Routines can often feel rushed or monotonous – or both!  They get you through one part of the day on your way to the next chapter.
  • Rituals, on the other hand, send down roots, here and now. As they go deeper and deeper, you draw sustenance from your inner wellsprings.  You feel nourished and refreshed.

When you honor what you do with loving attention, you honor who you are. So you enrich your activities with deeper meaning. When you engage in rituals whole-heartedly, you immerse yourself in the moment, and time expands.

This is no small achievement!  You drink in more pleasure with quiet focus upon your movements, moment by moment.

Being fully present to yourself can be as heart-opening as watching a newborn baby sleep, each little breath a miracle. (Having welcomed my third grandchild into the world recently, I can attest to this first-hand!) Why not maximize this potential when you first greet the day?

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  1. I’ve started meditating every morning, right after waking up. This is a fantastic ritual as it makes me more eager to wake up and yet is very relaxing. I like your definition of the difference between routines and rituals.

  2. Hi Daphne –

    That sounds like such a self-nurturing morning ritual … and a wonderful way to breathe in the day as it begins!

    I especially love that it is something that helps you to feel eager to wake up. Right there you’ve given yourself a very empowering gift.

    Thank you for sharing this!



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