Finding Time to Stick with Change

CapitolThe Time Finder is not a political blog, but it would seem odd to not note the fact that today marks a major change in the governance of the United States.  Whatever one thinks about the nature of the change, there is no denying that we are living in a time of transition.

While the changes we mark with Barack Obama’s inauguration as the 44th President of the United States are taking place on the national stage, nearly every element has its echo in our individual lives.

Notice, for example, how planful the transition has been.  Picture the lists and checklists involved in every element of the changeover … the prioritizing, the information-gathering, the pro’s and con’s weighed.   Imagine the necessity for time boundaries as demands rise and it becomes more challenging to carve out time for self care, for family – even, perhaps, for Tweeting!

Another important piece of transition management comes to mind, though as 1/20/09 arrives.  That has to do with hopes and expectations … and time.

Change has been a watchword of this new administration.  Their challenge will be to acclimate Americans, and the world, to the fact that change takes time, and that people need to work to not be discouraged by that reality.  The administration, and Obama in particular, will need to exercise leadership, and will need to be trusted in that role.

And that is how it is for us, as we go manage our own, everyday changes.  Did you make New Year’s resolutions that are proving challenging as the weeks go on?  And are you, perhaps, disappointed that your efforts haven’t borne the fruit that you anticipated?

Here’s where you become your own coach – a leader in your own life.  Here’s where you step in with encouragement, reminding yourself that your goals are worthy and change doesn’t happen in a day.

You’ll need to be steady with yourself.  Follow through on promises, be supportive, and be realistic.  Self-trust is key in helping real change to take root.  You’re exploring new personal territory when you make changes.  Validate the courage involved, as well as the challenges.  Take it a day at a time and work to keep your expectations realistic.

Change is a challenge, be it on a  national or a personal level.  Just keep repeating to yourself, as someone once said, “Yes we can!

Are you struggling with resolutions or other changes right now?  What helps you take heart and keep going?  Drop me a line … I’d love to hear!

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