Finding Time to Stop Your Time Gremlins and Jump-start Yourself!

Finding time gets much easier when you can stop your Time Gremlins in their tracks.

In yesterday’s post, I described what these nasty gremlins are and how they affect your plans.  Now it’s time to get even more specific.

How are YOUR own particular Time Gremlins active in your life? Figuring this out is the first step in developing a strategy to neutralize their negative effects.

This quiz that will help you to identify which Time Gremlin is tripping you up and keeping you from achieving your goals.

Instead of just reading through this exercise, I suggest writing down your answers so you can experience the benefits right now! It’s simple:

Quiz: How to Stop Your Time Gremlins

Pick the question that resonates most, and fill in the blank:

Question: What never gets done?

Answer: I never get around to _________________________.

Question: What’s blocking your path?

Answer: ________ keeps me from doing what I need to do.

Question: What excuses do you fall back on when plans fall apart?

Answer: I would get everything taken care of, if only _______________.

Question: What time traits do you judge in yourself?

Answer: I judge myself as being ______________________.


NOW, write down the statement you completed that affects you the most strongly. Then ask yourself the following questions:

  • What can you do to stand in your power and change this statement? Relax, close your eyes, and envision yourself living a dynamic new life script. Feel it down to your toes. Describe it in one or two sentences and then identify one gain you experience from making this change!
  • Next, ask yourself: What loss follows? Remember, with every loss there is a gain. And with every gain there is a loss.  This is the price for more power over your time. Accepting this is the key to your freedom!
  • As you picture yourself living this powerful new life script, ask yourself how you feel about the gains … and jot down your answers.
  • As the losses begin to surface, name and describe each one.
  • Last … but not least by any measure … give your feelings a voice. What do they teach you?

How this helps…

Simply doing this exercise will provide you with palpable gains. That’s because exploring what you will receive and what you must give up sharpens your focus. When your focus is clear, you can weigh options more easily and become more decisive. That’s quite a reward!

So look around. You are standing at an important crossroads. Are you willing to weather the losses that come with important gains? By consciously committing to go the distance, you gain enormous strength to keep setbacks in perspective and weigh them against what you will be giving yourself.

Want more help?

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