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writeFind time to check out Connie Ragen Green’s site, EBook Writing and Marketing Secrets, (and her story) if you are a coach or solopreneur looking for inspiration and good, practical advice about how to make a go of it on the internet.  Connie finds the time every day to do what she needs to, to succeed – and she is incredibly generous about sharing what she has learned.

Do you write? (Connie does!)

The keystone of Connie’s success is her writing.  Even more specifically, it’s her article and e-book writing.  In this post (“100 Articles in 100 Days – The Challenge That Turned Me Into a Writer”) she lays out the foundation of her great success:

Two years ago this month I challenged myself to write a hundred articles in a hundred days. I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time, but I knew that if I could come even close to meeting this challenge everything would change for me on the internet.

Did I say that writing was the key to Connie Ragen Green’s success?  That is partially true.  The other key is that, when she challenged herself, Connie also made a decision about her time priorities.   There were things that she needed to let go of, in order to make writing a top priority and follow through on it.

Goal-setting helps…

Setting a goal is a very important step in getting to where you want to be.  Equally important is making the space in your life to bring your new goal to fruition.  Writing 100 articles in 100 days was something that Connie accomplished by making it a top priority, and shifting some other priorities around to make it work.

You can hear her share more about this as she interviews me on her Blog Talk Radio show of a couple of weeks ago.  Connie’s success is inspiring, in part, because the way she shares about it shows us all how doable it is. There’s no surer way to move ahead than by finding time to make your goal a top time priority!

Have you identified some goals for yourself?  And have you created the space to make them priorities?  I’d love to hear how you are doing – write a comment or drop me a line at!

And this does, too…

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  1. Absolutely – Connie is the best kept secret on the Internet! I like the way she sets goals, like 1 article a day.

  2. Hi Cathy – Thank you for stopping by. And I couldn’t agree more about Connie. Her can-do attitude and practical tips are a great combination!

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