Finding Time by Tweaking Your Gmail Inbox with Signal

Edit Your Gmail InboxYour Gmail Inbox, if you’re a Gmail user, is a rich repository of information.

But it isn’t always easy to tell what’s what.  Yes, there is a search feature, but what if you just want to quickly scan for that e-mail you received from your colleague in Prague?  You know, the one about the widgets she ordered?

Well, there’s now a way for you to edit material in your Gmail Inbox so that you can quickly get to the exact item you’re looking for.

Edit Items in Your Gmail Inbox

The tool is called Signal and it’s a chrome extension that allows you to make changes to any email in your Gmail Inbox.

You can edit the text, highlight passages, and remove superfluous information – all right there in your inbox.

And you don’t lose anything, either.  You can click the button labeled “Restore” to go back to the original email, and then click “Revert” to go back to your edited version.

If there’s just part of an email that you want to keep – and you want to delete everything else – you can select the text that you want to keep and click “Highlight.”  All that will remain is your selected text.

Gmail Inbox as a To-Do List

If you are someone whose inbox also functions as a To-Do List, Signal can be an especially useful tool.  It enables you to rewrite subject lines and simplify e-mail content so that you can easily tell what tasks need to be done.

Since this is a relatively new Chrome Extension, it appears (based on reviews) that there are still some glitches to be worked out.

But if you are a Gmail user – and especially if your Gmail Inbox is something that also functions as a To-Do List for you – then Signal may be something that you want to try.  We are still experimenting with it here at The Time Finder, and it looks like it might be very helpful.

Starting the New Year with a new tool for enhancing your efficiency and finding time – what could be better?

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