Find Time Using Soft Deadlines

Finding time by using Priority Power™ is empowering, energizing, and adds flow as you navigate your day.  As you work with your time priorities, soft deadlines are a particularly useful tool.

“Soft deadlines?  That sounds like an oxymoron!  What are they?” you ask.

Soft deadlines are due dates that you set for yourself, ahead of whatever your final deadlines may be.  You can think of them as brightly colored buoys bobbing over rocks and shoals, marking the entrance to your harbor.

These are friendly deadlines that serve a twofold purpose:

  • They help you spot potential snags and
  • They tell you when you are nearing home!

Your soft deadlines give you the chance to plan that much earlier for what’s coming up.  And that planning makes your progress that much safer and more pleasurable.

Completing a task prior to the last minute not only supports your success – it also enhances your flexibility. Sudden changes and unexpected glitches won’t throw you when you routinely provide yourself with earlier, soft deadlines. You’ll find it easier to tie up loose ends and handle the unanticipated when you give yourself that cushion.

Ready to start?

Try creating some soft deadlines for your most significant tasks. Mark them in your calendar, and consider writing all soft deadlines in one color, and adding the hard deadlines in another to easily distinguish between the two. Then practice focusing on the soft deadline, so that you create some spaciousness in your schedule.

More spaciousness equals less stress, and a deeper capacity to enjoy the moment you are in.  Now, that’s Priority Power™!

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