Finding Time- What Children Can Teach Us

Finding Time by finding focus is a fascination of mine. Yesterday I wrote about how critical energy saps your drive and is just generally debilitating. Critical energy also works as a distraction, making it very difficult to focus. We’ll be looking at that more, over time.

Maddy IS focus …I’ve been thinking about focus as I observe and enjoy my granddaughter Maddy’s ability to become totally absorbed with whatever she is doing. In the most recent issue of my Finding Time E-zine, I wrote about her intense focus as she took her first steps! Right now, being Maddy is very much about focus, no matter what the activity.

Just look at her! Here she is immersed in the Maddy Readingmysteries and delights of the book that she is reading.

Do you remember that feeling?

Time seemed to stretch endlessly, as you lost yourself in an unfolding story or some other much-loved activity.

Children have so much to teach.

Children have a lot to teach us, as they bring – to everything that they do – their innate curiosity, their joy in discovery, their ability to focus and engage! Wouldn’t you like to relearn, even in small measure, how to be present to reality in such a wonderfully connected way?

In what ways do you let yourself focus deeply, like a young child, in your life today?

What everyday wonders have you noticed so far this week?

What do you need to give yourself, right now, so that you can be fully present in this moment?

Let’s explore time together …


  1. Maddy, and your delight in her are precious!
    How nice to be able to cycle back and use your original
    “focus” to extend your current work.

  2. Jane, Yes, the seeds are there.
    Some times we need to remember and learn from our younger selves.

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