Finding Time When Juggling Multiple Priorities

JugglerFinding time is often a matter of juggling priorities.  This can be a challenge to sort out – especially if you run into a situation in which it’s your most cherished values that are in competition.

Life Transition Coach Paula Harvey recently wrote a blog post about How to Choose Between Passions and offered a helpful example from her own life.  She lists 4 questions that she asked herself as she sorted out her predicament:

* What action feels right to me, right now? (not what “should” I do)

* What are the consequences if I choose one passion over the other? Can I live with that consequence?

* What does my heart tell me to do?

* What commitments have I made that I must honor?

These questions tap into the powers of the heart and the mind to help negotiate the challenges of competing priorities.  The mind provides the frame while the heart supplies the feelings-based information.

Listening to your heart, for example, you might try on the different alternatives and identify what “feels” right.  Then, as a helpful and informative balance, you look to your mind for practical information about probable consequences if you pursue that course.

This gives you authentic, heartfelt and grounded insight into your values and priorities.  Combining your heart-based and your adult voices is one of the most powerful and empowering gifts that you can give yourself in ANY situation.  This combination will never steer you wrong – unlike the inner critic whose rigid and “should-based” perspective will always take you off track and into the underbrush!

How do you feel when you are juggling competing priorities?  Have you tried stepping back and listening to your heart-based and adult voices?  How does this work for you?  I’d love to hear!

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