Finding Time When You Are on Overload-3 Tips

Whose Crisis is ItHow do you find time when your to do list is full, you’re already rushing, and then some small glitches throw a wrench into your already overloaded plans?

I had just such a morning, not too long ago, and it certainly presented some challenges!

Here are 3 tips that helped me get back on track. I hope that you will find them useful, too!

  • Most importantly, notice that you are feeling overwhelmed and give yourself the space to pause and take a deep breath. Acknowledging what is happening in the moment is very important. This will get your feet back on the ground and give you an opportunity to recalibrate and do some quick planning.
  • Quickly scan the tasks on your to do list. Are there some that you can either move down the list or take off entirely? Creating some space on your list will give you breathing room, relieve stress, and open up your energy and creativity again (both of which are constricted and curtailed by stress).
  • Make an “appointment” with yourself for the end of the day. Think of this as a time to review what happened, look at things that you might have done differently, and celebrate the fact that you made it through! This doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but it is important. It gives you a point of both accountability and self nurturing. A review like this puts a frame around your day. It helps to reinforce the fact that you are in charge.  It moves you out of a victim stance, putting things into a positive perspective and relieving the stress of the moment.

These three responses, when you feel on overload, only take a few minutes and can easily change your outlook, your energy, and your productivity — all for the better, I might add!  Try them the next time feelings of overwhelm come up.  How are things changed, as your day moves ahead?  Please drop me a line – I’d love to hear how these tips work for you!

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  1. This is a common refrain everyone hears and says. Having 3 ways to deal with it makes you fee like there is a strategy and hope. Writing it all down to start with makes a diff so you can prioritize it. Thanks for sharing! Happy organizing!

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Ellen. I certainly agree about the importance of writing it all down – so that you can truly see what’s “there” to be organized! I enjoyed exploring your site ( and your blog ( To your time success!

  3. Great tips, Paula. Taking the time to step back and regroup is enormously helpful. I’ve also found it useful to keep a “have done” list in addition to my daily and master task lists. It helps me realize what I’ve accomplished and review where I might have made better choices.

  4. I think the validation and opportunity to review/reflect provided by a “have done” list is very, very helpful. Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts to the discussion. I also enjoyed perusing your site just now. Will add it to my list of info-rich places to visit!

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